Local MP most active on Local Government Issues

Shipley MP Philip Davies has written more letters to the department responsible for planning and local government than any other MP.

The Department for Communities and Local Government said Mr Davies has sent 132 correspondence to ministers since the 2015 general election.

Information published by the DCLG show Mr Davies had written 30 more letters than the second most diligent writer Stone MP William Cash.

Mr Davies said: “Writing to Ministers is one of the ways to get the views and concerns of my constituents across. This particular department deals with planning and many of my constituents are worried about proposed developments on Greenfield sites. There are plans for developments in Burley in Wharfedale, Baildon and Eldwick to name a few, and I have made representations to government and will continue to do so, demanding government ensure Bradford Council meet its obligations not to build on the greenbelt. There are many Brownfield sites in the city centre that can be developed.”

The data published comes weeks after Mr Davies was named as the MP who spoke most frequently in the Commons chamber.  In 12 months he contributed 438 times to debates and Parliamentary question sessions.

He added: “I take advantage of all the options open to me to raise issues and problems that need to be tackled in my constituency. Being an MP is a privilege and it is my job to continually raise issues that affect my constituents and secure the best outcome for my constituents. For that to happen their voice needs to be heard through me and I will continue using every avenue available to me to get the best deal for my area, and I will continue to try to be the most active and hardworking MP in Parliament.”