Legislation 'wash up' period

AN MP has hit out at the “grubby process” of pushing through legislation before the election and demanded to know which laws will go through without proper scrutiny.

Prime Minister Theresa May has called a General Election for June 8 meaning many laws which were set to be discussed in the five year Parliament, will now have to be pushed through or abandoned.

Speaking in Common’s Business Questions Shipley MP Philip Davies asked Commons Leader David Lidington for more details.

He said: “Can he confirm that prison and courts bill has been abandoned and will have to start its passage again in the next parliament and can he tell us which bills will be going through the rather grubby process of the wash up which is a rather unsatisfactory way to pass laws.”

Before Parliament dissolves on May 2 a “wash up period” will sort out any unfinished business. Some Bills will be completely lost and others will progress in a much-shortened form.

Mr Davies added: “I take the responsibility of passing legislation very seriously and have always said I will scrutinise thoroughly as I think laws should not be made for the sake of it. I do not agree with pushing laws through without proper scrutiny.”

Commons Leader David Lidington confirmed the Prisons and Courts Bill would be abandoned. Mr Davies had tabled amendments to this Bill calling for an end to the automatic release of any prisoner who attacks a prison officer.

Mr Lidington added: “There are as he (Mr Davies) knows discussions going on through the usual channels on how to handle particular pieces of legislation and I do not want to prejudice what the outcome of those discussions will be.”