'Keep up fight over housing'

Campaigners have been urged not to become"battle weary" as they fight the latest plans to build more than 130 homes in their village.

About 200 people turned up at a meeting in Menston last night to hear how developers Taylor Wimpey have resubmitted plans to build up to 135 houses at a site in Bingley Road.

They are appealing against a 'non-determination' by Bradford Council over their initial application made in December 2010 and last month resubmitted an identical plan.

Philip Moore, from Menston Action Group (MAG), which has been fighting the plans, and proposals for up to 75 homes at Derry Hill, told villagers packed into the Kirklands Community Centre he was not sure of the developer's reasons behind resubmitting their plans.

But he encouraged people to write to the Council again to voice their objections, as it is not clear whether hundreds of letters sent in opposition to the original application would be counted.

People may have got battle weary," he said."But I would encourage people to write in to the Council again anyway."

Alan Elsegood, of the Menston Community Association, which is also fighting the two proposals, told the meeting Shipley MP Philip Davies had intervened to get an extension of three weeks, until February 2, for people to get objection letters to the Council.

"We're grateful to him for his help," Mr Elsegood said."If the letters get written, it will show people the strength of feeling in the village."

MAG treasurer Mike Walker told the crowd the group was in a 'dire' financial position and desperately needed more funds to keep paying for legal fees, consultants and printing costs.

He said the group had so far spent more than £27,000 fighting the applications.

The meeting also discussed the plans proposed by Bradford Council for Menston as part of the core strategy Local Development Framework.

By 2028, the Council is recommending 900 new homes be built in the village.