Justice Committee Trip to the European Court of Human Rights

European judges who want to allow prisoners to vote have endured the wrath of a district MP who thinks they treat criminals too lightly. Shipley MP Philip Davies who wants the rights of victims to be put before criminals, stuck the boot in to the judges during a Parliamentary trip to Strasbourg. Mr Davies said: “Many of the rulings made by these judges are ludicrous and most right-minded thinking people would agree, especially regarding the right of prisoners to vote. When you commit a crime you lose your rights. You have chosen to commit a crime. I care about the rights of victims not criminals. If you do not want to lose your human rights then do not commit a crime it is very simple. Mr Davies told judges at the European Court of Human Rights that their ruling that there should not be a blanket ban on prisoners being able to vote was perverse, and went way beyond the convention that they are there to uphold. He told them he was not prepared to vote for the law to be changed in the UK simply because judges had made a mistake. Mr Davies made the trip with the Commons Justice Select Committee in light of the Government’s plans to replace the Human Rights Act with a British Bill of Rights.