Junior Doctors Strikes

Any doctor who strikes over Saturday premium pay should “hang their head in shame”, according to Philip Davies.

The Shipley MP urged Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to consider banning strike action in the NHS as is the case for other emergency services.

Speaking in the Commons on a statement about next week’s proposed five day walkout, Mr Davies also demanded Government refuse any more concessions.

Mr Davies said: “Any doctor that goes on strike over premium rates of pay on Saturday which most people in this country do not get when they work on a Saturday, should hang their head in shame. He must make the commitment not to make any more concessions I think he has already given far too many concessions and isn’t it time we look at stopping doctors going on strike in the NHS altogether which is the case with other emergency services”.

Government has already made 107 concessions to the contract.

In reply, Mr Hunt said: “Working terms and conditions for junior doctors in this new contract are better than they are for nurses, better than they are for police officers, better than they are for fire officers, better for many many other parts of the country and parts of the economy. I think is a fair deal everyone should recognise and welcome.”