Job Centre Closure

Staff at Shipley’s job centre which faces closure must be given the choice of where they re-locate, an MP has warned Government.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said not all staff may want to move from the Wainman Street office to Bradford’s Eastbrook Court Job centre in Vicar Lane or Westfield House in Manningham Lane.

He also demanded assurances jobseekers in the constituency would still be given help in finding work within the Shipley constituency.

During a Commons statement on closure of job centres, Mr Davies said: “Can Government confirm that some of the outreach work will continue to be delivered within the Shipley constituency and also guarantee that the staff will be able to choose which other office to work at which may be closer to their home and not all have to move to Bradford.”

Mr Davies told MPs he was extremely unhappy about the closure and called for a meeting with Government ministers to discuss it.

Work and Pensions Secretary David Gauke said: “In terms of outreach work in Shipley I can give that assurance and in terms of staff, the DWP will work with staff as much as possible to accommodate their preferences. My friend has already met the minister for employment to discuss this matter but we will have future conversations on this matter in the near future.”

No redundancies are expected as part of the move.