Immigration and Hate Speech

Philip met with the Shipley conservative Association and was asked to say a few words about Immigration and Hate Speech.

Thank you for inviting me to tonight's meeting, I have been asked to say a few words about recent events and comments made concerning the deportation of immigrants preaching hate.

The people I will be addressing are preaching an extreme form of hate against British society, which included the encouragement to kill British citizens. Some are immigrants who have lived in the UK many years others have been here for a shorter amount of time, but all have the same intention to cause harm to our way of life.

In today's society if you mention you are for tighter immigration regulations and reforms then you are deemed as being racist. Well that just isn't the case. I am proud of our British heritage and our history of immigrants in Great Britain. However, for a successful immigration programme it is vital that all aspects of immigration must be enforced, this includes making sure all laws are applied to each member of British society, immigrant and citizen alike.

The vast majority of immigrants come to Great Britain to find a better life. It is vital that integration into British society takes place and that they adopt all aspects of British society. This however, does not mean that they must assimilate where they loose their religious identity, I do not agree with some who have called for an end to faith schools, but I do agree with the Lord Mayor of Bradford Mohammed Ajeeb that extreme clerics must be removed.

If you or I were to stand on the street corner and preach hate we would be arrested in a heartbeat, however, there is hesitation to arrest these clerics who stand in the street and preach hatred and call for the killing of British citizens.

Within our society we have immigrants openly preaching hate and violence against not just British society, but against the entire western world. They are doing this within our borders and are recruiting British citizens to use terrorist tactics against their own people.

It is time that we all take a stand against those abusing the openness of our society and tolerance of the British people. Those who preach hate against our country, people like Omar Bakri or Abu Hamza and those who carried out the attacks against London or plan similar attacks are not welcome here. Omar Bakri said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph in 2004 that he supported the hostage taking of children in British schools, and it would be deemed just to be carried out by terrorists. Additionally you have the likes of Abu Hamza who have been quoted as saying"Bin Laden is a good guy." It is an outrage that people who come to our country are treated with kid gloves, such actions can not be tolerated and those participating in them should be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law.

I believe that most people agree with my colleagues, David Davis and Gerald Howarth, as do I that those who are living within our borders preaching hatred for the British way of life and carry such an intense disapproval of our great country should leave.

Due to the extent that political correctness has affected our society and the talk of multiculturalism, it is no longer acceptable to tell people they are not welcome even when they preach extreme hatred and violence towards the very society of which they are a part. Additionally, the police should not feel as if they need to pussyfoot about these people and should not be stifled by political correctness from dealing with these people regardless of where they come from.

When terrorists become a fixture in our society, we must stand firmly by our values and not allow them to win. Their battle will not be fought here and if they try they will not succeed.