Immigration after Brexit


AN MP has demanded the new Prime Minister stick to her promise to reduce the level of immigration to tens of thousands.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said the result of last month’s European Union membership referendum was largely a result of failure to control immigration which had spiralled out of control with free movement of people.


In Prime Minister’s Questions he said: “Can the Prime Minister reassure the people of Yorkshire that when we finally do leave the European Union she will insist on keeping her original promise to get immigration figures down in this country to the tens of thousands.”


Mr Davies – who was the first MP to call for Britain to leave the European Union ten years ago – pushed for reassurances during Theresa May’s first appearance at PMQs.


Mrs May said: “I am very clear that the vote taken in this country on June 23 sent a very clear message on immigration. People do not want free movement from the European Union and that is precisely what we will be doing and making sure we will get in the negotiations that we will be undertaking.


“I also remain absolutely firm in my belief that we need dot get migration down to sustainable levels. The government believes that it is tens of thousands. It will take some time to get there but now we have the added aspect of those controls we can bring in relation from moving from the European Union.”