"I never thought I'd see the day..." Philip's demands for more police on the beat in West Yorkshire are highlighted in Prime Minister's Questions by the Leader of the Opposition

Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has used one of his coveted questions in the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions to highlight Philip Davies’ demands for more police on the beat in West Yorkshire.

The Shipley MP last month accused Government of not putting enough focus on police resources as crime rose across the area.

But today(WED) in PMQs the issue was highlighted again – but this time by the Labour opposition.

Discussing crime, Mr Corbyn said: “If I can quote something at the Prime Minister, it might sound familiar to her. The first duty of the Government is to protect the public and keep them safe, and I have to say to the Government they are not putting enough focus on police resources.

“If she casts her eyes to the far backbenches of the Conservative Party she will see the Member for Shipley that is what he said about her Government and what it is doing.”

Mr Davies was seen nodding in agreement and giving thumbs up to the camera, which records the daily events in Parliament.

Replying to Mr Corbyn Theresa May said: “What he cannot get away from is the fact that Government are protecting police budgets and not just protecting but increasing them with £450 million extra. We are also ensuring our police have the powers they need to do the job we want them to do. I seem to remember the Rt Hon gentleman does not have a good record for increasing the powers for the police to do their job.”

Mr Davies said the public wanted more visible policing.

Mr Davies added: “I never thought I would see the day where I lead and the leader of the opposition follows, there is clearly hope for him yet. Jeremy Corbyn is right I did say that and I will keep saying it. My job is to get the best for my constituency and constituents and if that means criticising Government then that is what I do. I am not afraid to speak my mind and challenge any department if I believe they are failing my constituents or could do better.

“There has been a worrying increase in crime across the area and I want more police on the streets and it is the duty of government to protect the public and they must listen.”