HS3 Bradford Stop

AN MP has piled pressure on government to ensure Bradford is one of the stops on the new high speed east to west northern rail line.

Northern Powerhouse Rail also referred to as High Speed 3 will connect Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield and Hull and was approved by Government last year.

Mr Davies called for assurances Theresa May’s new government still backed the city.

He said: “Bradford is one of the biggest cities in the country and in the last parliament the Government were very supportive of Bradford being a stop on the northern powerhouse rail, is it the Government’s position they will make sure that the investment is provided and ensure Bradford is a stop on the northern powerhouse rail?”

Transport Ministers John Hayes said: “I know how he has made this point previously and he champions the cause and interests of people in Bradford. We are waiting for proposals from Transport for the North, I have no doubt those proposals are ones to which he will lobby and contribute and make the case to them. When we get them we will consider them but I fully understand the strength of his argument.”

It is not the first time a Government minister has hinted Bradford would be included. In February another minster from the department said he would be “extremely surprised” if Bradford were not included on the route.