Grammar Schools

People across Bradford must be able to access the best grammar schools and they must not be kept for the Tory shires, Philip Davies has warned.

The Shipley MP said too often whether a child attends a school boasting good results was dependent on whether the family could afford to buy a property in an expensive area.

He said: “Bradford is one of the worst performing education districts in the country. There is a wide provision of some outstanding results and some very very dire results. It tends to be the case where people can afford to buy a house in a good catchment area they can get themselves to a school which produces outstanding results and those that cannot afford to buy a house in a good catchment area tend to go to a school with worse results.

“People in Bradford need access, and working class people in Bradford, need access to the very best grammar schools. They should not just be the preserve of the Tory shires.”

Mr Davies made the comments during a Commons debate on grammar school after Prime Minister Theresa May said she wanted to create in a 21st century education system “an element of selection”.

Education Secretary Justine Greening said Mr Davies spoke for many MPs around the country. She added: “I think the point is people should have the choice. It should not be for government to deprive them of the choice of how they want to educate their children. This is about choice; it is about diversity as well as building capacity in the system.”