Gender Neutral Committee

AN MP wants the name of a Commons Committee changed to be gender neutral and focus on true equality.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the Women’s and Equalities Committee was the only committee with a different name to the Government department it scrutinised. He said it should be renamed the Equalities Committee.

He said: “Every single departmental Select Committee is named after the department it scrutinises; I am on the Justice Select Committee which scrutinises the Ministry of Justice. The only exception is the Women and Equalities Committee which shadows the Government’s Equalities Office, so surely this committee this should be called the Equalities Committee.”

He argued if Government could not agree to the change it should set out why women’s issues could not be included in a committee called the Equalities Committee.

Deputy Commons Leader Michael Ellis said: “The Government currently has no plans to change the name; I have received no representation to receive such a change. Should the committee recommend such a change then we would consider this request.”

Mr Davies has long campaigned for equality to be gender neutral and everyone treated fairly regardless of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Other MPs supported Mr Davies’ call citing that BME and LGBT communities may feel women are being given priority over their concerns.