Full and Part time Gender Pay Gaps

The gender pay gap must be eradicated in all forms of employment not just full-time, an MP has said.

Shipley MP said government should lead by example and ensure all its departments are in order and equal pay is given to full and part time workers.

He called for assurances from government it was as committed to tackling the problem in part-time posts as it is for full-time workers.

Equalities Minister Justine Greening said: “We do want to see that take place, indeed full time gender pay gap has never been lower than it is today, but it is important that we look to understand people working part time also have the same rights to no gender pay gap.”

Mr Davies said: “We cannot just commit to sorting the gap for those in full time work. People should be getting paid what the job is worth regardless of gender, religion or sexual orientation. The salary is for a particular job and should not be increased or decreased because of gender. Ability is what matters not gender.”

Mr Davies has long campaigned for Government to lead by example on the gender pay gap with many government departments and quangos still seeing gender pay differences.