Flooding arrangements

AN MP is demanding government set out what it has done to protect West Yorkshire since the devastating Boxing Day floods.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the Environment Secretary must address MPs before the Christmas break and confirm what arrangements are in place to deal with future flooding in the case of torrential downpours.

He said: “It is almost the first anniversary of the Boxing day floods that devastated my constituency and large parts of West Yorkshire. Before the Christmas recess, I want a statement from the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to explain what has been done over the past year to prevent any further such flooding in my constituency and those other communities in West Yorkshire, and to explain what arrangements are in place to ensure a rapid response from authorities—including local authorities—if such terrible floods happen again on bank holidays over the Christmas period?”

Parts of Mr Davies’ constituency along with other areas were decimated by the freak rain fall last year. Many constituents are still suffering the effects of the floods almost a year on.

Leader of the Commons David Lidington said: “Each area now has a designated local authority—either the county or the unitary authority—that has a lead responsibility for co-coordinating flood management and response to flooding. The Government have also ensured in their response to more recent floods in the north-west and south-west of England that Bellwin scheme money is released at a much earlier stage than has sometimes been the case. Spending on flood management continues, and we recently published a flood resilience strategy that sets out a plan for the longer-term future.”

Mr Lidington said he would raise Mr Davies’ concerns with the Department and he should receive more detailed information about his constituency.