Extending the lenient sentencing scheme

AN MP is pushing government to set out a timescale on when it will extend the number of crimes where a sentence handed down by judges can be challenged if deemed too lenient.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the reforms were “long overdue” and government needed to implement the Conservative Party manifesto to stop “ridiculously lenient” sentences being handed out. 

Solicitor General Robert Buckland said government was committed to extending the crimes and initially it will be extended to cover terrorism offences sentenced in Crown Court.

He added: “Work is also being done with the Ministry of Justice, I can tell him both the Attorney General and I are committed to ironing out the obvious inconsistencies that do exist in the system that do cause understandable frustration among victims and their families.”

Mr Davies said: “I am very grateful for confirming that the manifesto commitment we made is still on track but I would be very grateful if he could be a bit more specific if what dates we might be able to make some headway as these reforms are long overdue.”

Last year radical preacher Anjem Choudary was jailed for just five-and-a-half years for urging support for ISIS and police say his followers carried out attacks in the UK and abroad.

Mr Davies said many more offences needed to be covered and urged haste in an attempt to get the Criminal Justice System back on track.

He added: “I do not want one crime added one year then another the next year, I want government to get on and do what they promised. My constituents want people given proper sentences and so many sentences are ridiculously short for the crime committed we need more crimes included so we can act and get people properly punished for what they have done.”

Mr Davies has challenged sentences handed down by the court and has been successful in increasing the sentence handed down to them.