European Council Statement

Theresa May has given her strongest hint yet that she will fight to ensure Britain does not pay any more money into the EU coffers after Britain leaves the European Union.

The admission came after questioning from Shipley MP Philip Davies over Britain’s annual £10 billion contribution to the EU.

Mr Davies said: “One thing that both sides of the EU referendum campaign can agree on is one of the main issues was the amount of money we give year to the European Union. I want the Prime Minister to pledge that when we leave the EU we will not be paying any money into the EU budget, and surely even contemplating that would be contemplating betraying what people voted for in the referendum.

The Prime Minister said while the UK was part of the EU it had to meet its obligations.

But she added: “I think what is important is that when we leave the European Union it is the British Government that decides how taxpayers’ money is spent.”

The comments came in a statement in Parliament following last week’s European Council meeting.