European Arrest Warrant

Before becoming Prime Minister David Cameron’s views on the European Arrest Warrant were the same as anti-EU campaigner Philip Davies. The warrant operates Europe wide and replaced separate extradition arrangements between member states. Shipley MP Mr Davies believes the EAW drags Britain into an EU-wide justice system but Government claim it is the easiest way of deporting criminals who face prosecution in other EU countries. In the Commons Mr Davies told MPs, Mr Cameron – who is pushing for Britain to remain part of the European Union – was not always so pro-Brussels. A 2001 article in the Witney Gazette quoting Mr Cameron said: “Are we really happy that with one telephone call from the Greek, Spanish or German authorities alleging that we did something wrong on holiday, we can be swept off to a continental prison? Rights and safeguards that we have enjoyed for centuries are being stripped away.” Mr Davies added: “The views I hold were once held by the Prime Minister. I wish he had kept hold of those strong Conservative values and not bowed down to Europe. Decisions about our country and our justice system should be made here not by the EU.”