EU Criminals

With free movement of people comes free movement of criminals, an MP has warned as he set out how numbers of foreign prisoners has soared in recent years. Shipley MP Philip Davies said since 2002-2003 the number of EU prisoners has trebled, citing Polish prisoners increasing from 46 to 903 and Romanian 50 to 635 as examples of the huge problem. Speaking in the Commons during an urgent question on foreign prisoners, Mr Davies said: “Despite the Home Secretary’s tough talk, the figures are quite stark. In the last three years the Metropolitan Police alone have arrested 100,000 EU nationals and charged over 30,000 of them with an offence, so clearly the Home Secretary is failing to stop criminals coming into the UK and failing to deport them as well. Isn’t the fact of the matter that the only conclusion that can be drawn is that free movement of people means free movement of criminals into the UK?” Home Secretary Theresa May dismissed the issue and claimed the important factor was having access to information and systems to assess criminals’ records to know who is entering the country. It comes after a report by the Commons Home Affairs select committee questioned Britain being in the European Union with figures showing 5,789 offenders from overseas were walking the UK's streets - the highest number since 2012.