End aid to India

An MP has demanded answers after a promise to end aid to India this year continues despite the country spending billions on weapons.

Reports in 2012 said cash to India would stop by 2015, but the terms have been changed and aid to the Indian Government has stopped but aid is still being ploughed into the country.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said aid to India was not justified and pointed to a country with a space programme and that spends $35 billion a year solely on defence.

He said: “Surely we should be telling the country that it is responsible for looking after its own people, rather than saying “Keep on spending all this money on building up your military arsenal while we look after the people for whom you should be responsible.”

“I believe that most of my constituents thought it was right to end aid to India, and will be horrified to discover that that is no longer the case.”

Mr Davies demanded Ministers come to the Commons and explain to MPs why aid was still being given to a country that can afford billions on military arsenal.

Commons Leader William Hague said the government had made changes and British aid was no longer going to Russia or China.

Mr Hague added: “It was announced in 2012 that all financial aid grants from the United Kingdom to India would cease in 2015, after which the Department For International Development (DIFD) would provide support only in the form of private sector expertise and technical assistance, and that is exactly what is happening.

The financial aid grants to India will end this year, and any new projects will be supported by development capital investment and technical assistance. No doubt DFID will be able to expand on exactly what that involves.”

Mr Davies added: “If a country can spend billions each year on defence it can support itself financially and there is no need for any British aid or support.”