Dogs thefts

More must be done to tackle dog crime and it should be treated as seriously as any other crime, an MP has said.

Following a spate of dog theft across the district Shipley MP Philip Davies told the Prime Minister in the House of Commons it is feared some dogs were being used for fighting.

He highlighted the case of stolen husky Murphy, who went missing in a suspected abduction by two men in Scholemoor Cemetery, Bradford on December 4.

Prime Minister David Cameron condemned the theft as appalling after Mr Davies urged him to “make sure the authorities investigate these crimes and take them as seriously as any other crime.”

Mr Davies said: “There has been a spate of dog thefts across the Bradford district and a rally was held to bring attention to people about Murphy, a husky that was stolen recently, this is very distressing for the owners and the dogs concerned, both of which are devoted to each other. Some of these dogs are used for practice for dog fighting and who knows what fate awaits some of the other dogs that are stolen.”

Mr Cameron said: “We are a nation of dog lovers and people are very attached to their pets and it is appalling when they get stolen particularly for the sort of purposes he talks about.

“The change we made in terms of compulsory chipping should help this issue but my heart goes out to anyone who has seen a much loved pet taken away from them.”