Dog theft and fighting

Not enough is being done to tackle dog thefts across the district and to stop them being used for dog fighting, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), must set out what it is doing to combat the disgusting crime, which affects all parts of the country.

Mr Davies said: “There are far too many dog thefts in my part of the word, many of which are used for bait for dog fighting which is absolutely disgusting. There appears to be not enough done about this by law enforcement agencies and animal welfare agencies, can we have a statement from the Secretary of State as to what he intends to do to clamp down on this disgusting practice.”

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom urged him to contact the government department on the “important matter”.

She added: “There is no doubt we are a nation of real dog lovers and certainly as Secretary of State for DEFRA I spent lots of time trying to improve the rules on puppy licensing to get back street breeders out of the way, to try and improve the issues around animal welfare and so on.”