Disability Employment

Financial incentives should be given to employers to help get disabled workers their foot back in the door, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said the initiative would also quash any unfounded doubts employers may have about employing disabled people as they can see a person’s individual potential not a disability.

Speaking in the Commons he praised Government scheme Disability Confident, which aims to support people with long term health conditions and increase an employers’ understanding of disability, but said more needed to be done.

He said: “There are still too few disabled people in employment, particularly those people with learning disabilities. Can the minister look at what we can do to give financial incentives to employers to take on people with disabilities as it seems to me that by getting people to give someone a go is the best way to show that any doubts they have about employing people with disability are unfounded.”

Employment Minister Penny Mordaunt said a soon to be published government paper will address disability and working.

She added: “If we are really serious about closing the disability employment gap, we have to look at job creation, specifically creating opportunities for everyone and including those that may have particular needs to be doing meaningful activity and work and flexibility so we are looking at those things.”