Delay in publishing Chilcot Report

An MP has accused government of failing to publish a report into the Iraq War before the European Referendum so not to remind voters how government’s can “con” a person into believing something that is not true. Shipley MP Philip Davies – who is campaigning for a Leave vote on June 23 – believes the long-awaited report headed by Sir John Chilcot could be published sooner. Speaking in Prime Minister’s Question Time in the Commons, Mr Davies said: “Why isn’t the Chilcot report being published before the European Referendum, is it because the prime minister and the chancellor do not want the public to be reminded how the government of the day and the establishment are prepared to prepare dodgy dossiers, make things up and distort the facts to con the public into supporting something they otherwise would not ahead of the EU referendum.” The public inquiry was launched in 2009 into UK involvement in the US led invasion of Iraq. Earlier this month Sir John said the national security vetting of the report had been completed and the report would not be redacted. Families of the 176 dead servicemen and women will see an advance copy of the report. Chancellor George Osborne, standing in for the David Cameron who was in Japan at the G7, replied: “No it is because it is an independent report and they decide when to produce that report.” Mr Davies said it was apparent the report was ready and there was no need to delay. He believes government is delaying the publication fearing it could encourage people to vote to leave in the referendum. Mr Davies added: “Publishing the Chilcot before June 23 would remind people of the lies the country were told about Iraq and how Britain had to get involved and did not have a choice. We have already seen a leaflet sent to every household at a cost of £9.3 million which claimed to be factual about the European Union, but it contained no facts just scaremongering and to no surprise left out important facts about how much money we pay to the European Union each year for membership.”