Defence Questions

AN MP has accused the government of stooping to low levels of scaremongering by claiming British security would be put at risk if Britain voted to leave European Union.

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded answers on how much more cash Government were ploughing in to keeping the country safe given the claims made during the referendum campaign.

In Defence questions in the House of Commons he said: “In the European referendum the government said if we voted to leave it would put the security of the UK and Western Europe risk. By how much are they increasing the defence budget as a result of this outcome or was that particular scaremongering something we can add to the ever growing file entitled utter cobblers that the government was spouting during the EU referendum campaign.”

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said the defence budget was increasing “in any event” and will increase each year until 2020 to meet the 2 per cent target in NATO.

He added: “Although we are exiting the European Union we are not abandoning our commitment to European security and that is why we are leading a battalion in Estonia next year and committing extra troops to Poland, we had our typhoons policing the Baltic airspace this year and why we will be leading the very readiness task force next year.”