Debate on Dodgy Dossier


An MP who ten years ago called for Britain to leave the EU is demanding a debate into a “dodgy dossier” supporting the case for staying in the EU published by the Prime Minister.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said the government had “blatantly lied” in its document, which warned of economic shock if Britain left the EU, along with reduced economic activity and serious impact on British businesses. 


This week Cabinet Office Minister Matthew Hancock was pulled up by Daily Politics presenter Andrew Neil over claims Norway still abides by most EU laws, in an attempt to discredit the Brexit campaign.


Mr Davies said: “The minister tried to back up his claim that Norway had to abide by three quarters of the EU’s laws. Andrew Neil pointed out that the figure was actually nine per cent. If the Government is prepared blatantly to lie so badly on that issue, perhaps we need a full debate on the dodgy dossier to see how many other blatant lies they are prepared to resort to.”


Mr Hancock claimed if Britain left the EU and adopted a Norwegian style model it would still have to implement significant EU laws, according to the Foreign Office.


Mr Davies added: “This is an opportunity for the country to have its say on how Britain’s future. We should not be having dodgy lies put out by the government to scare people.”


The referendum will be held on June 23


Commons Leader Chris Grayling said: “I hope everyone will set out their views and the facts in a completely dispassionate way.”