Crown Courts sentencing league table

Courts in some parts of the country jail barely one in two burglars while others send down as many as 90 per cent, a new 'leniency league table' reveals today.

The table, which is based on official Ministry of Justice figures, shows an astonishing variation in how Crown Courts deal with convicted burglars.

It comes just days after Judge Peter Bowers, sitting at Teesside Crown Court, sparked outrage by praising a housebreaker for his 'courage'.

But the table reveals that 30 courts across England and Wales were more lenient towards burglars than Teesside in 2010.

Tory MP Philip Davies, who unearthed the figures through Parliamentary questions, called on new Justice Secretary Chris Grayling to investigate.

Mr Davies said: 'What this table reveals is a map showing burglars the best places to get caught if they want to avoid being sent down.

'I am astonished that one court jails nine out of ten while others are sending not much more than one in two burglars to their just deserts.'

Mr Davies said that he was particularly worried that 30 courts were more lenient than Teesside in 2010.

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