Compulsory Labelling of Halal and Kosher products

Halal and Kosher food could be clearly labelled once the UK leaves the European Union.

Shipley MP Philip Davies who has been pressing for years to have the meat appropriately labelled was told by Government there would be an “opportunity” to look at the issue when the UK is independent from EU dictated laws.

Speaking in the Commons Mr Davies said: “In the interest of customer choice and transparency isn’t it about time Halal and Kosher meat products were properly labelled at the time of sale. This would benefit those who particularly want to buy it as well of those who particularly don’t want to buy it.”

Mr Davies believes in consumer choice and previously failed in an attempt to make it law for the meat to be labelled. Since then, supermarkets and restaurant chains revealed they were selling Halal meat to millions of customers without telling them.

Environment Minister George Eustice said: “I know he (Mr Davies) has been a long standing campaigner on this and we have discussed it on numerous occasions. The government is committed to giving consumers as much transparency as possible and improving labelling as much as we can, I know he understands there are some difficulties to those single definition of Halal or Kosher and that makes compulsory labelling complex and he is aware the European Union is looking at this and once we leave the EU it is an opportunity to look at all of these issues.”

Mr Davies’ attempt to change the law was defeated by just three votes in 2014.