Child Refugees

More needs to be done to ensure child refugees coming to the UK are actually children, an MP has warned.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has come under pressure from Shipley MP Philip Davies to explain the “farce” surrounding the child refugees who turn out to be adults.

Mr Davies: “The Home Office have admitted that two thirds of successful applicants of child refugees are actually adults. This is a serious concern to many of our constituents, can we have an urgent statement on what the government is going to do to make sure the child refugees are actually children.”

Mr Davies’ concerns are also shared by Labour’s former Home Secretary Jack Straw.

This week pictures have emerged of “children” coming into the UK which look older than 18.

Commons Leader David Lidington said government worked closely with the French authorities to ensure those coming in were under 18.

He added: “We have to carry out checks in a way that is compliant with high court judgements on this matter and the British Dental Association has the view that to carry out x-rays of teeth would not be a reliable indicator of age as well as being in their view unethical.”