Channel 4 relocation

Channel 4 should relocate to “gritty West Yorkshire” to get a better perspective on life and escape the London luvvies, according to Shipley MP Philip Davies.

He said the publically owned Channel 4 which is looking for a new home would be welcome in Bradford or Leeds.

Speaking in the Commons Mr Davies said: “Would the Secretary of State agree that moving Channel 4 to Bradford or Leeds would give it much better perspective on life, instead of it being stuffed full of London Labour luvvies, it may benefit from being moved to gritty West Yorkshire.”

The suggestion for relocation comes after the Conservative Party promised to move the broadcaster out of London. Culture Secretary Karen Bradley announced in March government would launch a consultation on moving it from the current £96 million Horseferry Road headquarters to another city. But the plans were included in the Conservative Party manifesto signalling the move will go ahead regardless.

Mrs Bradley said: “Mr Davies has made his pitch for a location for Channel 4 and maybe he would like to make that same pitch to the board and management of Channel 4.”

And Commons Speaker John Bercow quipped: “I’m sure he’ll require no encouragement whatsoever”

Moving Channel 4 would spread its £630 million spending power over different parts of the country.