Casey Report

Documents should stop being published in multiple languages and only in English to encourage communities to integrate and learn the language of the county they live in, according to a local MP.

Communities Secretary Sajid Javid will visit Bradford to discuss the issue along with community cohesion and integration following an invitation from Shipley MP Philip Davies.

Mr Davies, in the House of Commons, said: "In Bradford, we have issues of segregation and integration in our communities. I would like to invite the Secretary of State to come along to Bradford sometime next year to see what the Government can do to help local communities with their desire for more community cohesion and integration. In the meantime, can he be very firm with local authorities to stop them translating documents into lots of different languages and insist that those documents are all in English only?"

Mr Davies believes people living in the UK should be learning and want to learn English so they can fully integrate into communities.

Mr Javid said:  "I will be more than happy to come to Bradford to look at both issues with him."

The call comes in response to a report published this week by Dame Louise Casey into the integration of minorities, commissioned by former Prime Minister David Cameron as part of Government's drive to tackle extremism.

It accused local authorities of having “ignored or even condoned” harmful cultural traditions for fear they would be accused of racism or Islamaphobia.

Sharia Councils in the UK were also criticised for supporting extremist values and ignoring marital rape. Mr Davies has called for Sharia Councils to be banned in the UK and Muslim women to be given the same protection as other women.