Campaign to raise Flooding Awareness

A campaign aimed at raising awareness of what homeowners and businesses can do to prepare for future floods will get underway on Tuesday November 1st.

The Environment Agency flood campaign will run until November 11 using media, the internet and local events to encourage people, businesses and communities to take action.

MPs are being asked to encourage constituents to take three steps to better prepare for flood, by using the Environment Agency’s flood map, signing up for flood warnings and making a flood plan.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “We never want to see a repeat of the Boxing Day floods. The devastation it caused was widespread and still continues to affect people’s lives nearly a year on. Whatever we can all do to protect ourselves, our homes and be more flood aware can only be a good thing. It will not stop any more floods but we can be prepared.”

A flood plan includes checking insurance to see if you are covered, preparing a bag with warm clothes, medication, and food adn water supplies including a torch, and knowing how to turn off the gas and electricity.

For more information on the three steps visit or call Floodline on 0345 988 1188.