Campaign for break away council for Shipley and Keighley constituencies

Three quarters of residents want Shipley and Keighley to break away from Bradford Council and create its own, a fun poll has revealed.

People at Bingley Show were asked to cast their vote by placing a plastic ball into a Yes or No box depending on whether they wanted change or to stick with the status quo.

In total 122 balls were cast at the Conservative stall on Saturday(JUL22) and 75.4 per cent (92) wanted to leave and 24.6 per cent (30) stay.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said: “It was a fun way to engage people in an important discussion and the outcome of our poll was clear. Many constituents do not feel an affiliation with Bradford and decisions made by the council are often as distant to them as decisions made in Westminster.

“Keighley and Shipley should be allowed to break away from the council and form its own unitary authority. The response of people we spoke to has been overwhelming and people should be allowed to have a binding vote on the future of Shipley and Keighley as part of Bradford. I campaigned for a referendum on the EU and I believe we need the same locally as I believe in democracy and letting people have a proper say.”

Mr Davies previously called on Government to allow the referendum across the two parliamentary constituencies, which could see a new council of similar size to Calderdale formed.

He added: “Having our own local authority will mean that the money raised locally in council tax will be spent locally rather than for subsidising labour heartlands in Bradford, and it will also mean planning decisions will be taken more locally too.”