Business Question: Sharia Councils

Sharia Councils must be banned and Muslim women given the same protection as every other woman in the UK, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies told the Commons said there was no place for a parallel Muslim legal system in the UK as he told of three brave Muslim women who spoke out against Sharia councils at a recent House of Lords event.

Commons Leader David Lidington appeared to agree with Mr Davies claiming living in the UK gave everyone the right to protection under UK law rather than any “private or community arrangement”.

Mr Davies said: “These brave women gave their harrowing tales of how they had been treated and the impact of Sharia councils on their lives. It is a disgrace we have this alternative form of justice in our country. We need a debate to make sure everyone in this country is treated equally under the same law and we do not have Sharia Councils treating women in such an appalling manner.”

Mr Lidington said: “It is very important that we all uphold that the rights that both men and women have under the law of the UK and emphasise whatever private or community arrangement on dispute resolution may or may not exist.”  

Mr Davies said he will continue to push for the councils to be abolished so Muslim women do not feel pressurised into having their cases determined by a Sharia council rather than a British court.