Building on Greenfield sites


AN MP has vowed to plough through documents detailing when building on greenbelt is acceptable after government hinted most developments should not go be given the go-ahead on the protected land.


Shipley MP Philip Davies is opposing developments on Greenfield sites across his constituency while many brownfield sites remain untouched in the city centre.


Speaking in Parliament he demanded answers from government over greenbelt planning policy.


He said: “My constituents in Burley in Wharfedale, other villages like Baildon and Eldwick to name a few, are facing proposals for the greenbelt land in those villages. Surely the whole point of the greenbelt is it should not be subject to housing, particularly until all the brownfield sites in the district have been built upon. My constituents do not trust Bradford Council to look after their interests and look to the government to protect them. What can government do to protect their interest and stop this building on the greenbelt?”


Housing Minister Gavin Barwell said the National Planning Policy Framework sets out clearly what kind of development is appropriate in the greenbelt and includes “and a very strong presumption that inappropriate development is harmful and should not be approved, expect in very special circumstances.”


Mr Barwell added: “The government is committed to strong protection and enhancing the greenbelt land and within the greenbelt most new building is inappropriate and should be refused planning permission, expect in very special circumstances.”


Mr Davies has met with respective developers setting out his opposition and that of his constituents.


He added: “It seems clear from the minister’s answer that unless there are very special circumstances developments should not be going ahead. Now we must find out what these special circumstances are and ensure my constituents are protected and Bradford Council do not force these builds on them but look closer to home and build on brownfield in the city centre.”