Brexit Statement

Brexit negotiations must focus on full control of immigration and ending payments to the EU budget, an MP has urged.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said Labour had “lost touch” with working class voters who voted overwhelming to leave the European Union, and urged Government to push ahead and deliver what the public wanted.

He said: “People voted to leave as they wanted to control immigration, they wanted to stop handing out over more than £10 billion a year net to the European Union and they wanted laws to be decided for this country to be made in this house and not in Brussels.”

Mr Davies made the comments as Brexit Secretary David Davis set out how Government was going to deliver Brexit following June’s referendum.

Mr Davies added: “Will he (David Davis) therefore make a commitment that in his negotiations the red lines for him will be full control over immigration, no contribution to the EU budget and that all laws will be decided in this house and none will be decided in the European Union.”

Brexit Secretary David Davis said: “The decision of the British people I think was first and foremost about control of our own destiny, over and above anything else, and that is what we are seeking to return.”