Brexit Questions

An MP has urged government not to pander to scaremongering that Britain must remain part of the single market to secure free trade.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said it was ludicrous to think free trade could not continue following the referendum result and that the European Union would be committing economic suicide if it stops free trade with Britain.

Speaking during Exiting the European Union question time in Parliament he urged Government not to stay in the Single Market and follow the will of the British people.

He said: “Staying in the single market means accepting EU laws, having to accept rulings from the European Court of Justice, probably still making contributions to the EU budget and accepting free movement of people, all of which flies in the face of what the British people voted for in the referendum.

“Is not the only question of principle at stake whether or not the EU want to carry on with free trade with the UK or do they want to commit economic suicide?”

David Davis, who heads up the new Brexit department, said: “Our aim is to come up with an outcome that is good for the United Kingdom and good for the European Union and that is actually a free trade area with us.”

Mr Davies said, “Last year the UK had a £68billion trade deficit with the EU. I am pretty sure Germany will still want to sell us BMWs, Mercedes, Audis and Volkswagens, and I am sure France will still want to sell us wine and cheese. We are the 5th biggest economy in the world and the EUs single biggest export market in the world”.