BBC accused of EU bias

AN MP has accused the BBC of pushing a pro EU agenda as it has received millions of pounds from the European Union. Shipley MP Philip Davies said such details should be disclosed to viewers when the broadcaster is reporting ahead of next month’s referendum. He said: “The BBC has received £2.1m from the EU between April 2013 and Sept 2015. This is on top of at least £141m in soft loans from the European investment bank, and on the European Investment Banks’ website it says it is the European Union’s bank and it works closely with EU institutions to implement EU policy. “That is the only basis on which you get one of these loans. These things should be declared by the BBC whenever they do anything to cover the EU referendum.” The BBC is meant to be politically independent but Mr Davies fears cash given to the organisation compromises that neutrality. Speaking in the Commons Mr Davies demanded a debate ahead of June 23 referendum. Commons Leader Chris Grayling said the BBC would have heard the comments. The fellow Out campaigner added: “If nothing else the view he has put forward will make sure they go even further out of their way to try to make sure they are impartial in this referendum.” Mr Davies was a member of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Committee for 10 years and has repeatedly questioned BBC bosses on its practices and how it appoints senior management, including appointing former Labour Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell without advertising the position.