If the BBC is as fantastic as some people seem to think there would be no need for a law forcing people to pay for a licence, according to an MP.

Shipley MP Philip Davies wants the £145.50 annual cost to be replaced with a subscription model saying no one should be forced to pay for something they may not want. Furthermore, revenue would increase if the BBC is as popular as some believe, as it would open up more revenue streams overseas.

The comments came in response to Government unveiling the draft Charter of the BBC which will force the corporation to reveal details of any person earning more than £150,000.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley said the Charter would ensure “a strong, distinctive, independent BBC” which will “continue to thrive for years to come.”

But Mr Davies said: “If the BBC is so perversely wonderful and popular as we have heard why does it need the criminal law in place to coerce people to pay for it. In terms of transparency, if the BBC wants to take public money it should be transparent and if it does not want to be transparent it should not take public money.”

Mrs Bradley said a review into decriminalisation was carried out but sanctions were needed.

She added: “It is one of those issues that will continue to be looked at. Of course, the BBC needs to be transparent to show it is producing value for money”