Battle of Orgreave

AN MP who lived in a mining area at the time has told Parliament of the bullying and intimidation people faced at the hands of miners during the strike.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said he supported the decision by Home Secretary Amber Rudd not to hold a public inquiry into the so-called battle of Orgreave. She said a review into the clashes between police and pickets during the 1984 miners' strike was not in the public interest.

Speaking in Parliament Mr Davies said: “I lived in South Yorkshire in a mining community during the time of the miners strike and saw firsthand the bullying and intimidation that went on from the miners, people who did not contribute to the strike had their windows done in.

“These people were trying to bring down the democratically elected government at the time and they lost and they need to get over it. People only have to look at the TV footage of that event to see the violence miners were carrying out against police officers.”

Policing minister Brandon Lewis said: “This has not been a political decision. It is about looking at what is right in terms of the wider public interest and in light of the fact there have been substantial changes and reforms in the police service.”

Mr Davies criticised Labour for not tackling the issue during their 13 years in Government, given they claim to be so “passionate about it” now.

Campaigners say they will seek a judicial review.