Bail for thugs who skip bail

Judges are giving bail to hardened criminals with hundreds of convictions - including BAIL breaches.


One thug walked free despite having 382 previous convictions and cautions.

His catalogue of offences included 125 of failing to surrender to bail. He breached his bail yet again, was convicted for the 383rd time - and was STILL not locked up.

Shock figures obtained by The Sun also revealed bail was granted to a criminal with 304 convictions and cautions - 60 for breaking his bail.

He promptly broke his bail conditions yet again but he was not jailed either.

The figures from Kenneth Clarke's Ministry of Justice were uncovered by Tory MP Philip Davies through Parliamentary questions.

He said: "It's simply astonishing. These are the cases that drive the police mad.

"They catch a criminal, he's let out on bail, he breaches his bail, he's hauled back to court and the judge gives him bail again.

"The only people who benefit from this pathetically lax regime are the criminals." It was revealed earlier this year that one in 11 murders is committed by bail bandits.

They are responsible for an offence every four minutes.

A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: "The decision to grant bail must always be a matter for the police and courts based on the full facts of each case.

"Reoffending on bail is taken into account and can lead to a longer sentence."