Animal Welfare


AN MP is demanding Parliament debate animal welfare to ensure crimes against animals are taken seriously.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said dog fighting and the distress caused by dog theft must be tackled.


He said: “Many of my constituents have suffered the distress of having their dog stolen and we must end the appalling practice of dog fighting. With the hot weather we have seen dogs being left in cars in very hot weather and getting into a great deal of distress. Last weekend the RSPCA 24 hour emergency helpline had 106 reports of dogs left in hot environments. I suspect that would have be much worse this week which has been unseasonably hot. We need to draw attention to the welfare of dogs and how things like this can cause unnecessary distress.”


Leader of the Commons David Lidington said a debate would be beneficial and urged Mr Davies to apply for a Commons debate when MPs return in September. 


He added: “It is not a matter of need for new legislation but people recognising they have a responsibility to care for the animal that they own.”


Mr Davies fears some stolen dogs are used for practice for dog fighting.