Animal Welfare


Bradford Council and the RSPCA have been accused of pussyfooting around and failing to protect the welfare of animals at a gypsy site.


Shipley MP Philip Davies said his concerns, along with those of residents and campaigners were being ignored and the “appalling treatment” of animals at Esholt travellers' site continued.


Raising the issue in Parliament he said officials refused to use powers available to them to safeguard the animals.


Mr Davies said: “There is no doubt in my mind if these animals were the responsibility of anybody else enforcement action would have been taken, but authorities appear to pussyfoot around and run scared when it comes to gypsies. We need to make clear that animal welfare should not be sacrificed for political correctness when it comes to gypsies.”


Legislation is in place for councils to deal with animal welfare issues on gypsy sites.


Deputy Commons Leader Therese Coffey added: “It is concerning to hear that councils are not prepared to implement legislation.”