Library cutbacks 'a political point'

Philip Davies said there was no reason Bradford Council should close five libraries, given libraries were kept open with similar grants in previous years. He fears the Council is making cuts to make political points about the Government, which is not the duty of a council.

Amnesty boss gets secret £1/2m pay-off

Amnesty International's secretary-general Irene Khan left the organisation in 2009 with a payout of £533,103, over four times her salary. Philip Davies said this payout was ludicrous and those that donated to the organisation believing they were alleviating poverty not subsidising a payout.

Fury over details of crimes withheld in reports

A new policy across Bradford to withhold some crime details has been criticised as unjustifiable and secretive. The policy was implemented in order to calm people's fears about the extent of crimes, but many believe this may make people feel safer when in reality they are less safe.

Flood of Support for EU crusade.

More than 100,000 people have signed up to the Daily Express' crusade for Britain to quit the European Union. The support hit six figures in just over a week after the crusade was launched, putting it on course to become the fastest growing campaign in newspaper history.

Not even 100 convictions are enough to put a crook in jail.

Figures reveal that half of all criminals found guilty of a serious crime escaped a prison sentence despite having more than 100 previous convictions or cautions. These figures came with a plan to increase community sentences and cut prison places by 3,000 over four years.

MP in children's' Urdu books row.

Philip Davies criticized Bradford Council for allowing children's books in Urdu to be available in libraries around the district because it disadvantages young children who need to have a strong command of English before they start school.

MPs unite in fight to retain courts.

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins and Shipley MP Philip Davies issued statements to stop Keighley Magistrates' Court and Keighley County Court moving to Bradford. Philip Davies explained that that the cost of moving might even outweigh the amount saved by closing the courts.

MP fights for new schools

Philip Davies set out the case to Schools Secretary to rebuild secondary schools because of their rising student numbers. Mr. Davies believes that Bingley and Ilkley grammar schools are over-crowded and in need of more space because there is excess supply of students.

1,000 people 'too fat to work' claim £5m

David Cameron and George Osborne believe that big savings can be made in the £13billion-a-year incapacitated benefits system. For example, 1,000 said they were too fat to work and claimed £5million, along with benefits for headaches and blisters.

'You're taking your life in your hands'

Campaigners want to see safety measures installed at the junction of Branksome Drive and Bradford Road. Philip Davies supports the campaigners because he wants it to be fixed before people get injured or worse.