India tells UK: We don't want the peanuts you give us in aid.

India's finance minister Pranab Mukherjee dismissed the UK's £280million-a-year aid to his country as a "peanut" that was not necessary to their rapidly-growing economy. The UK government still plans to give India aid despite Makherjee's criticisms.

Every British family sends £144 abroad to fight climate change

A total of £3.8billion of public money has been paid out or earmarked for projects abroad to fight climate change since 2007-an equivalent of £144 for every household in the UK. The figures prompted attacks on DFID's budget, which is set to rise to £11.5billion a year by 2015.

Bid farewell to the Bowlerhats

The former Bradford & Bingley headquarters in Blngley town centre was up for sale. The old B&B logo will be replaced with the new Santander branding throughout the country.

MPs' fury as drugs are touted on the web

It has been revealed that drug pushers and users in Bradford are using online forums to buy, sell, solicit and review drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis. Philip Davies called on the police to make service providers aware of this and take down the forums.

Call to contest boundary plan

Conservative Party chief Baroness Warsi looks to appeal some of the Boundary Commission's proposals, whose cuts from 650 MPs to 600 will tear apart the Shipley constituency. Philip Davies supports Baroness Warsi's efforts to have Shipley remain a parliamentary constituency.

Outrage at Cover-Up On Jobless Migrants

It was revealed that Labour Party covered up UK's immigration crisis, including the disturbing fact that a quarter of migrants from Bulgaria and Romania had low education levels, four or more children and would therefore most likely claim unemployment benefits.

'No self-respecting CEO would sign off phone hacking payouts.'

Philip Davies told James Murdoch that no self-respecting CEO would make the size of payments made by News International in phone hacking settlements, without knowing exactly what they were paying for. He called Murdoch's half-million pound sign-off a cavalier use of money.

Tory MP defends disability remarks

Philip Davies came under fire when he suggested that disabled workers should be able to work below the minimum wage. Explaining that if people finding it difficult to access jobs decide they are prepared to work for less in order to get hired, then the Government should not stand in their way.

Two in three serial offenders escape being sent to prison

A third of criminals (62,000) who have at least 15 previous offences to their name were given a prison sentence last year after returning to crime. This trend dons fear of a "revolving door" criminal justice system due to the soft policy on criminals under Ken Clarke.

Pakistan is told it must come clean

MPs called Pakistan to come clean on the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden due to speculation that the government there are supporting him. Given the new £650 million aid package from the UK to Pakistan, the fear is that the aid will be working against our anti-terrorist operations.