Parliamentary Procedure

AN MP has attacked calls by a Scottish MP to change how Parliament is run and said scrutinising legislation is more important than re-arranging dinner plans. Shipley MP Philip Davies criticised calls by Scottish National Party MP John McNally for Parliament to vote on all legislation at a decided time each day instead of continuous votes throughout the day and evening. Mr Davies quipped it was clear Parliament was getting in the way of the Scottish MP’s dinner plans because MPs were required to vote between 8pm and 11.14pm. He added: “Can I urge Government not to listen to people who come here and within five minutes want to change long established proceedings in this House that many of us value.” Mr Davies said MPs needed to listen to debates and make informed choices. He added: “It is ridiculous to say have a specified time to vote. I take my responsibilities as an MP very seriously and I scrutinise legislation as we should not be passing laws for the sake of it. Our constituents elect us to represent them and take seriously our duty to vote, not to be annoyed our dinner plans were messed up because we were doing our job!” Deputy Commons Leader Therese Coffey said: “We spend more time than any other parliament in the world scrutinising legislation and I genuinely believe the system we have is appropriate for that.” She added MPs can change their mind how to vote during a debate they are listening to.