Westminster News

Full and Part time Gender Pay Gaps

The gender pay gap must be eradicated in all forms of employment not just full-time, an MP has said.

Shipley MP said government should lead by example and ensure all its departments are in order and equal pay is given to full and part time workers.

Automatic Early Release in Prisons

A demand by an MP to abolish the law which allows prisoners to be released half way through their sentence regardless of behaviour has been ignored.

Justice Minister Sam Gyimah said prisoners are released on licence and must abide by conditions or face being returned to prison.

International Men's Day

Many issues facing men are forgotten because of political correctness and differing treatment of the sexes can damage men, an MP has warned.

PMQ on Prisoners

The law which means all prisoners have to be released half way through their sentence must be abolished, an MP has said.

Introduced by the last Labour government it does not take into account behaviour or re-offending risk, Shipley MP Philip Davies warned.

Gambling Machines

Reducing the stakes on gambling machines in shops will not stop people betting but push more people on the internet to gamble, an MP has said.

Battle of Orgreave

AN MP who lived in a mining area at the time has told Parliament of the bullying and intimidation people faced at the hands of miners during the strike.

Female prisoners

AN MP has hit out after Government said it is acceptable that men and women prisoners are treated differently.

Shipley MP Philip said crime was gender neutral and criminals should be treated the same regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Homelessness Reduction Bill

AN MP has demanded an overhaul of how homeless people are treated after he told Parliament people were denied help because they were not addicts and therefore not a priority.

Question on International Men's Day

AN MP has accused a Government minister of not taking the issues men face seriously after a flippant comment in Parliament claiming that every day could be mistaken as International Men’s Day.

BBC 'Out of Touch'

AN MP has accused the BBC of pushing a left-wing agenda after he forced them to admit they purchased more copies of The Guardian than any other national newspaper.