Westminster News

Tougher sentencing for Animal Cruelty

AN MP is demanding tougher punishments for people convicted of animal cruelty.

Shipley MP Philip Davies said crimes against animals must be taken seriously and not dismissed as a more minor crime than those involving people.

Positive Discrimination

Philip Davies has hit out at the “pure and simple racism” being shown by some media organisations offering internships for non-white people.

Only ethnic minorities can apply for the ITV and New Statesman positions.

Housing for ex-offenders

No prisoner should be given more priority over housing than any law abiding citizen, an MP has said.

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded assurances people released from jail would not be treated more favourably than other people at risk of losing their home.

PMQ: Overseas Aid

Claims that spending on overseas aid enhances national security are unfounded – and money should be ploughed into priorities in the UK, an MP has said.

Legislation 'wash up' period

AN MP has hit out at the “grubby process” of pushing through legislation before the election and demanded to know which laws will go through without proper scrutiny.

Comments on Westminster Attack

An MP has demanded government ensure all Police forces are given the resources they need to keep the public safe following the terrorist attack in Westminster.

Shipley MP Philip Davies made the call during a Common’s statement on yesterday’s attack.

Prison and Courts Bill

Government must put an end to the early release of prisoners who attack staff while behind bars, an MP has warned.