Community Pride branded 'propaganda' by Philip Davies

MP Philip Davies said: "It is council propaganda masquerading as an independent newspaper. Taxpayers' money could be better spent on other things. Also it undermines local newspapers. "The most important thing is local newspapers offer democracy and hold people to account.

Shipley grandfather's plea sparks investigation

A Ministry of Defence investigation has begun into claims a Bradford soldier and his fellow Yorkshire troops serving in the war-torn Afghan desert have not been receiving letters of support sent from home.

Expenses audit gets backing

MPs across Bradford are united in their belief that wrongly-claimed expenses must be paid back.

No repayments sought from local MPs

The MPs for the Keighley, Leeds North West, Pudsey and Shipley constituencies have received letters from Sir Thomas Legg, who has carried out an independent audit of expenses for the House of Commons.

National crime map 'will not help police on beat'

A HIGH-profile nationwide crime map designed to show people how many offences are committed in their local area is flawed because it lacks detail and will not help bobbies on the beat, senior Yorkshire police figures have warned.