Delay in publishing Chilcot Report

An MP has accused government of failing to publish a report into the Iraq War before the European Referendum so not to remind voters how government’s can “con” a person into believing something that is not true.

Turkey's bid to join the EU

Turkey’s bid to join the European Union is wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money which could be better spent in the UK, an MP has said.

BBC accused of EU bias

AN MP has accused the BBC of pushing a pro EU agenda as it has received millions of pounds from the European Union.

Question to the Prime Minister

Britain must stop ploughing money into corrupt countries like Afghanistan and Nigeria an MP has warned.

Unemployment across the EU

There is no evidence to support claims by the Prime Minister and Chancellor that the EU is good for jobs and prosperity, an MP has told the Commons.

Praise for help of Faith Groups

Faith groups across the district have been praised again in Parliament for their help in dealing with the aftermath of the floods.

NHS Dentists in Shipley - Update

More cash looks set to be ploughed into NHS dentistry across the district after an MP highlighted the struggles of finding an affordable dentist.