Animal Welfare - Update

The RSPCA have removed young horses on the Esholt Gypsy site - hours after an MP raised concerns about their safety in Parliament.

Animal Welfare

Bradford Council and the RSPCA have been accused of pussyfooting around and failing to protect the welfare of animals at a gypsy site.

Sports England Funding

Sports Clubs in the Shipley constituency affected by the flooding have received support from Sports England.

Campaigning on EU Referendum

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded answers as to why government ministers are allowed to campaign for or against remaining in the EU, but a civil servant was not – despite being outside working hours.

Bill on Sharia Courts

A local MP is supporting a Bill that wants to stop parallel legal or quasi-legal systems, such as Sharia Courts, taking root in the UK.

Debate on Foreign National Offenders

Thousands of foreign criminals are free to commit crimes sprees in the UK as Britain’s hands are tied by European laws stopping them being deported, an MP has said.

English Votes for English Laws

AN MP is demanding an urgent debate into English votes for English laws after Scottish MPs voted on an amendment in Parliament only affecting England and Wales.