BBC 'Out of Touch'

AN MP has accused the BBC of pushing a left-wing agenda after he forced them to admit they purchased more copies of The Guardian than any other national newspaper.

Sharia Law

Muslim women must have the same protection as every other woman in the UK and not live in fear of facing a Sharia law in Britain, an MP has said.

Child Refugees

More needs to be done to ensure child refugees coming to the UK are actually children, an MP has warned.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd has come under pressure from Shipley MP Philip Davies to explain the “farce” surrounding the child refugees who turn out to be adults.

Brexit Questions

An MP has urged government not to pander to scaremongering that Britain must remain part of the single market to secure free trade.

Disability Employment

Financial incentives should be given to employers to help get disabled workers their foot back in the door, an MP has said.

Labour's boundary proposals

The Shipley constituency would be ripped apart under recommendations submitted to the Boundary Commission by the Labour Party.

Labour wants parts of the constituency to be included in Keighley and Shipley and parts in Airedale and Wharfedale.

Prisoners released on Christmas Day

Nearly 1,000 prisoners including dozens of murders were let out last Christmas to spend time with their family, an MP has uncovered.

Shipley MP Philip Davies demanded the feelings of victim’s families be put first and this was not allowed to happen again this year.

Labour Party response to halt of Local Plan

The Labour Party in Westminster see no problem building on greenbelt in Shipley and have criticised government for halting Bradford’s housing plans claiming it was a “mate’s favour”.

Statement on Next Steps in Leaving the EU

AN MP has urged government not to betray the British people, and said they should reject any attempt by politicians to undo the result of the EU referendum.